Pramita - referral-service

Referral Service

With our technological advantages and Human Resources, we are able to become the trusted partner for  referral service patients

Radiological Services:

1. General X Ray
2. Photo Contrast
3. Fluoroscopy
4. Dental Panoramic
6. Mammography *
7. Bondencitometry*

* CBCT, Mammography and Bondencitometry are only available in certain branches.

Clinical Services:

1. ECG & Treadmill
2. Audiometry
3. Autospirometry
4. EMG (Electromielography)*
5. EEG
6. TCD*

* EMG (Electromielography) and TCD are only available in certain branches.
Through various latest laboratory technology and accurate diagnostics advantages , we provide referral service for hematological tests, routine clinics, clinical chemistry, immunology, microbiology, PCR, cytology etc.