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Welcome to PRAMITA Lab.

PRAMITA Lab was first founded in Surabaya in October 1987, with a strong motivation to provide a complete and high-quality laboratory service. As a result of positive supports and welcome from the community, PRAMITA Lab has been growing rapidly until today – by the end of 2019, there are 34 PRAMITA Lab branch clinics in big cities in Indonesia.

Our vision is to be the best medical laboratory in Indonesia, which motivates us to excel in our service and quality of diagnostics for our customers. Supported by the state-of-the-art technology and professional human resources, PRAMITA Lab presents a complete and integrated one-stop service, including In Vitro Diagnostic, Radiodiagnostic, Electrodiagnostic, and clinical laboratory services.

PRAMITA Lab is always committed to maintain the quality of services and diagnostics through a series of monitoring, innovation, and continuous improvement. This commitment is manifested in several acknowledgements received from certification bodies, including ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 15189:2012 certifications, and also Accreditation of Medical Laboratories from the Ministry of Health of the Republic Indonesia. In addition, PRAMITA Lab also won several prestigious awards: TOP BRAND Award, WOW BRAND Award, and Service Quality Award (SQA), which proves PRAMITA Lab as the clinical laboratory of choice in Indonesia.

We are determined not to stop expanding our wings by continuing to open branch clinics in several big cities in Indonesia and innovating to develop our products and excellence in service to achieve customer satisfaction.


PRAMITA Lab is ready to support People’s Healthy Lifestyle Movement to build a healthy Indonesia.

Pramita - profile

For PRAMITA Lab, quality is presenting products and services that exceed customer expectations. Good quality does not come easily, but can only be produced by well-implemented system which has become a culture.

As a modern clinical laboratory, PRAMITA Lab sees the culture of quality achievement as the way of providing the best possible products and services, therefore enabling us to achieve customer satisfaction. Thus, a detailed attention in all aspects is required. This is supervised through a regular audit process.

PRAMITA LAB always conducts quality audits both internally and externally in order to guarantee that the specified quality standards can be maintained at all times. To ensure an objective assessment, the audit is conducted by an independent party that refers to ISO 9001:2008 quality management standards and the provisions set by the Indonesian Ministry of Health.

Besides quality control and quality audit activities, PRAMITA Lab also always conducts self-measurements with international laboratory community as a comparison through International Quality Performance Program. So far PRAMITA Lab’s position has always been at a very good level on all quality parameters compared.

We also realize that continuous innovation and improvement is the only basis for winning in the midst of fierce business competition. Innovation and improvement in all aspects is the most important commitment that we focus on, so that we can provide the best for our customers.

Pramita - profile

Human Resources

Through the company culture that is implemented into a work culture, PRAMITA Lab always strives to provide optimal service for customer satisfaction. Human resources are the most important factor in building this quality of service. In line with this, PRAMITA Lab always pays attention to every detail of the development of its human resources. Through a rigorous employee selection process and followed by various competency development training sessions that are carried out regularly, PRAMITA Lab has the best human resources who are ready to serve customers with sincerity and dedication.


In addition to excellent human resources, PRAMITA Lab is also prominent in its technology. A variety of modern and sophisticated equipment is available at PRAMITA Lab to support our commitment to present accurate diagnostic results. All of the equipment has been connected to the patient database, which enables automatic examinations without too much human intervention.

PRAMITA Lab also periodically rejuvenates the equipment in line with the trends in technology, so that the quality of our service is always increases from time to time..
Pramita - ISO 9001

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is an international standard in quality management systems. By achieving ISO 9001, PRAMITA Lab has fulfilled international requirements in its management of quality assurance.

Pramita - TOP Brand Awards

TOP Brand Awards

As a leading and trusted clinical laboratory in Indonesia, Pramita LAB won the TOP Brand Awards from the Frontier Consulting Group. TOP Brand is an award given to the best brands chosen by consumers. It is based on the results of research on Indonesian consumers, which is conducted through surveys in 15 large cities in Indonesia.

Pramita - WOW Brand Awards

WOW Brand Awards

Winners of the WOW Brand Awards are the brands that won the highest BAR (Brand Advocacy Ratio) based on MarkPlus Insight research in 18 cities in Indonesia with more than 20,000 respondents.

Pramita - Health Laboratory Accreditation (KALK)

Health Laboratory Accreditation (KALK)

As a laboratory with excellent service standards, PRAMITA Lab has received Health Laboratory Accreditation from KALK (Komite Akreditasi Laboratorium Kesehatan, or Health Laboratory Accreditation Committee). This accreditation aims to spur health laboratories to meet certain standards, so that they are able to provide quality and responsible services.

Pramita - ISO KAN 15189 : 2012

ISO KAN 15189 : 2012

ISO KAN 15189:2012 certification for clinical caboratory quality system was achieved by PRAMITA Lab as its commitment to provide high quality service.

Pramita - CXSQ Awards

CXSQ Awards

Carre-Center for Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty (Carre-CCSL) together with Service Excellence Magazine and Marketing Magazine awarded the prestigious CXSQ Awards based on the CXSQ Index (CXSQI) which measures customer service experiencequality in Pramita Clinical Laboratory.

Pramita - profile

At PRAMITA Lab, we offer equal opportunities for employees to grow and develop according to their competencies. For us, human resource development is an investment for the future. Explore the career opportunities with PRAMITA Lab. We open opportunities for the best individuals their fields to pursue a higher career path.