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Rainfall Causes Headaches

Along with the arrival of the rainy season in Indonesia, many people are lazy to be exposed to rain because the rain is considered to be a headache. Is that right?
Some people believe, when the head is exposed to the rain while not wearing a hat, helmet, or other head protection, it will cause headache. Myth / Fact?

Myth! Until now, there has been no research that explains the relationship between headaches and dizziness caused by exposure to rainwater. According to health practitioner Dr. Dewi Ema Anindia, it is not the rain that makes a person sick, but weak immune system is to blame.

"When immune system is weak, body will be susceptible to viruses or bacteria causing several diseases, such as influenza,"

Apart from endurance, there are several other factors that cause dizziness that occurs after the rain
1. A sudden change in body temperature
2. Infection
3. Content of rain water.