Even though we were infected with Covid SARS Cov2 virus and were declared cured, we must remain aware against the possibility of reinfection of this virus.What is Reinfection? Reinfection is a condition of the occurrence of an infection process in someone who has been declared cured of a disease because of being infected / reinfected by the same virus)

Is it possible for someone reinfected with Covid? Although the case is still rare, reinfection can and may occur, as evidenced by the discovery of several patients who have recovered, tested positive for Covid again. Reinfection can occur due to the loss of antibodies that have formed due to low levels of immunity, especially if you do not strictly follow health protocols.

WHO scientists, dr. Maria Kerkhope said that patients recovering from Covid did not necessarily have antibodies against Corona because in fact it was found that some patients did not have an antibody response even though they had recovered, while other patients actually showed very high antibody responses.
Until now, WHO itself is still researching the antibody response formed and how long the antibody response lasts from virus attack.

Some health experts argue that the second Corona infection is generally lighter than the first, although we cannot say and beat evenly that the second infection will be lighter, depending on the body's immunity when the infection occurs, so that re-infection may even cause symptoms heavier ones.

The average time or time span between the first infection to the second infection is 74 days, but actually there is no certainty when someone can get reinfection with Covid. WHO and CDC themselves say that they are still conducting research on how long the antibody levels will last, so it is not certain when reinfection can occur.
Because it is more important for us to prevent covid reinfection from occuring.

So that  reinfection not occured, it is necessary to emphasize in our minds that covid reinfection is real and can happen to anyone. For this reason, it is mandatory to apply health protocols whenever and wherever, if you feel something uncomfortable in your body such as symptoms of the first infection, immediately consult a doctor, or you can re-check to detect covid infection.

Adhere to the 3M health protocol: Wear a mask, keep your distance, wash your hands and manage your daily activities properly so that your body condition is maintained.

Author: Dr. Odilia Lustriana (Medical Consulent Doctor of PRAMITA Clinic Lab, M. Toha Bandung Branch) ⁣