Pramita - inspiration - 6 (six) THIS HABITS CAN DAMAGE SPERM CELLS


Did you know that healthy sperm cells are needed for pregnancy to occur. The quality of sperm cells also needs to be optimal. If the sperm cells are damaged, the long-awaited pregnancy is difficult to occur, the wife has repeated miscarriages, failed insemination or IVF (test tube babies), maybe even the child born has a disability.Sperm cells can be damaged, due to age or certain diseases, for example: varicocele (varicose veins around the testicles). But did you know? Damage to sperm cells is mostly caused by some bad habits, the following:1. Smoking
Based on existing research, smoking and vaping habits are associated with poor sperm cell quality, which reduces the quality of sperm cell movement.2. Wear layered and tight pants
The testes are specially designed to be protected in the scrotum to maintain a stable temperature, which is 4℃ colder than body temperature. The habit of wearing layered and tight pants can reduce sperm production and reduce the quality of movement or motility of sperm cells.3. Take a hot bath
In addition to the habit of wearing tight pants, bathing in hot water can also reduce the quality of sperm cell movement so that the results of sperm analysis become asthenozoospermia.4. Lack of exercise
Lack of physical activity and exercise is associated with poor concentration or sperm count and movement. For those who are pregnant, it is recommended to exercise with moderate intensity three times a week with a duration of 30-45 minutes each.5. The hobby of consuming fast food
Fast food is known for its high levels of saturated fatty acids. The habit of consuming fast food is associated with poor sperm quality in terms of movement or motility.
6. Lack of rest
It turns out that the length of rest time affects the quality of sperm, especially movement or motility. Sleeping less than six hours a day or resting more than nine hours a day will reduce the quality of sperm cell movement. So get enough rest, not too little and not too much.EXAMINATION TO ASSESS SPERM CELL DAMAGE

There are two kinds of tests to assess sperm quality, including assessing damage to sperm cells.
1. Sperm Analysis
The initial examination to assess male fertility is the Sperm Analysis examination. Sperm Analysis aims to assess the quality of a man's sperm, including the number or concentration of sperm, the movement or motility of sperm and the morphology or shape of sperm cells.
Sperm analysis is recommended to be done after being married for 12 months but the wife is not pregnant. Sperm analysis was performed after sexual fasting (not releasing sperm) 2-7 days. But the best is 3-5 days of sexual fasting. Sperm release is recommended by masturbation.2. Sperm Fragmentation Index (DFI) DNA Examination
Further examination was carried out to assess sperm damage, namely the Sperm DNA Fragmentation Index (DFI) examination. The DFI examination aims to assess the degree of DNA damage to sperm cells that will affect the ability to fertilize an egg, either naturally or in the process of insemination and even IVF.
Sperm DFI examination is recommended for couples who have been married for a long time but are not yet pregnant, have a history of repeated miscarriages, a history of failed insemination or IVF.
Author : dr Seso Sulijaya Suyono, Sp. And (Consulting Doctor of PRAMITA Clinical Laboratory Jl. Bambang Sugeng No. A2 Magelang) ⁣