Pramita - inspiration - Sperm FRAGMENTATION DNA EXAMINATION


Sperm Fragmentation DNA examination is an examination that aims to assess the damage to the genetic material (DNA) of sperm cells. Healthy sperm cells have intact DNA so that they are able to fertilize an egg and produce a healthy fetus.Damage to sperm cell DNA can be caused by age, varicocele disease, infection, obesity and some bad habits such as smoking, drinking alcohol or wearing layered and tight pants. Damage to sperm cell DNA can cause various conditions such as difficulty in getting pregnant, repeated miscarriages in the wife and failure in the insemination process and even IVF.Sperm Fragmentation DNA examination is recommended for couples who have been married for a long time but have not had children, a history of repeated miscarriages in their wives, a history of failed insemination and IVF and certain conditions where there is suspicion of damage to sperm cell DNA, such as a varicocele.PATIENT PREPARATION AND EXAMINATION MATERIALS

• The patient prepares for sexual fasting (not releasing sperm) in advance for at least 48 hours and a maximum of 7 days and has not been sick or feverish in the last 2 weeks.• The sample used is seminal fluid or sperm (ejaculate) which is released in the room provided at the PRAMITA Clinical Laboratory by masturbating without the aid of lubricant or soap.• Seminal fluid samples will be examined for Sperm Analysis in advance a maximum of 60 minutes from expulsion to determine whether it is suitable for Sperm Fragmentation DNA examination.Author : dr Seso Sulijaya Suyono, Sp. And (Consulting Doctor of PRAMITA Clinical Laboratory Jl. Bambang Sugeng No. A2 Magelang) ⁣