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Pramita - Service - Personal Services

Personal Services

We Provide The Health Services Adjusted To Everyone's Personal Needs

Pramita - Service - Corporate Services

Corporate Services

Professional Service, Deliver To Meet Your Corporate’s Requirement. We Help You To Foster A Safe And Healthy Work Environment

Pramita - Service - Home Services

Home Services

Healthcare at your convenience. We bring you our personalized services to your home / office

Pramita - Service - Covid 19 Test's Online Registration

Covid 19 Test's Online Registration

Covid 19 Test's Online Registration. Simply Scan QR Code or click https://regonline.pramita.co.id

Health Inspirations

Find the latest health news sources of inspiration for you and your family.
Pramita - inspiration - Jogging vs Treadmill, Which is Better?

Jogging vs Treadmill, Which is Better?

Treadmill and jogging are two activities that can improve body fitness. Treadmill is a running activity that utilizes a treadmill. While jogging is a running activity that is carried out outdoors and in the wild.

Pramita - inspiration - Heart Fun Fact: Know Your Heart!

Heart Fun Fact: Know Your Heart!

The heart is a vital organ consisting of a collection of muscles that functions to pump blood throughout the body. So the body gets oxygen and nutrients needed for metabolism.

Latest News & Events

Find the latest news & events of Pramita Lab
Pramita - news - Hari Palang Merah Indonesia

Terimakasih atas jasa para pejuang kemanusiaan. Tetaplah berujang demi keselamatan anak bangsa.

Selamat Hari Palang Merah Indonesia


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