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The employee’s health services in a company is one of the development of work productivity. As a valuable assets, the employees have an important role to determine company success. Then, Medical Check Up is needed to anticipate health problems caused by life style and work environment factors

Laws & Benefits

Laws and Benefits: The development of productivity could be achieved through optimal performance of all components in the company. It involved to their health condition to develop the good performance of the employees. Therefore Medical Check Up should be given to the employees as a facility of the company to support performance improvement. As the company obligation, the employees have to do medical checkup once a year or called as periodic health checks and have been written on legal laws on Peraturan Menteri Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi No. Per. 02/Men/1980 Pasal 3 ayat (2).

The company will get the benefits if they do their obligation as following points below:


1.       It will detect the employee’s illness earlier to make the efficiency of the company's budget for treatment.

2.       Develop the employee’s loyalty towards the company due to the low level of employee turnover.

3.       Optimizing company performance through achieving better employee health.



We have various packages that can be arranged and adjusted to the requirements and/or risk in the workplace. Please contact us to get more information about the company's Medical Check Up service.
Procedure for employee health checks through Medical Check Up are as follows:
  1. The package is made based on risk at work place, either review or survey of work location is needed to analyze these risk factors.
  2. At the specified time, Medical Check Up is conducted in accordance with the selected package.
  3. After the Medical Check Up, company's management will received employee health status report, based on abnormalities pattern according to work place and risk types.
  4. Pramita Lab will always follow up on the Medical Check Up results to monitor and evaluate employee health status regularly.